Seminar with Polly Higgins in Stockholm Nov 8 2016

Polly Higgins, lead advocate for ecocide law, introduces the idea of international legislation for crimes against nature. Law at the top level is needed to transition to a society in balance with nature. Ecocide law seeks to address the greatest injustice of our time; the lack of a legal duty of care. But is it even possible to have a law that protects nature globally? Can laws shift consciousness? How can you help?

Polly Higgins is an international lawyer, award-winning author and co-founder of the Earth Law Alliance. She is the winner of this years Utstickarpris.

Pollys introduction is followed by a conversation on law as leverage for change with Pia Björstrand, lawyer in the Magnolia case, where swedish youth have sued the State, and Johan Öberg, lawyer in the Ojnareskogen case and representing children from Chile who are victims of poisonous mining waste from Boliden.

jo0308 Polly photo Peter Hagerrot pia_bjorstrand


VENUE: HiQ head office, Regeringsg 20, Stockholm.
TIME: Nov 8, 19-21
REGISTRATION: please register in this form

ARRANGED BY: This seminar is arranged by End Ecocide Sweden, Lodyn and Latinamerikagrupperna, in cooperation with HiQ Stockholm, and part of Earth Rights Conversations

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