At the Congress of the Green Party in Sweden (13-15 of May) there was a proposal from the party board that:

We will press for the strengthening of international law regarding serious environmental crime so that individuals as well as governments and other entities (eg companies) can be held legally accountable.

– Miljöpartiet (the Green Party) will work to ensure that serious environmental crime can be punished internationally, for example by introducing ecocide in the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

The proposal was accepted with great majority. This was a visionary as well as a necessary move from the Greens in their work for global sustainable development and we hope other swedish parties will follow.

The decision is very promising and encouraging for us at End Ecocide Sweden. We have been working together with Polly Higgins to draw political attention to the possibility of Ecocide law since 2014. Polly had a public conversation with Åsa Romson, co-leader of the Greens and PhD in environmental law, at a conference arranged by us on Rights of Nature and Ecocide law in april 2014. Åsa later became Minister of the Environment and vice Prime Minister, and we have had meetings with her in that capacity as well. Isabella Lövin, who at the congress succeeded Åsa as co-leader of the party, signed the first debate article on Ecocide law in swedish press as a MEP in 2014. We have also met with her in her capacity as Minister of Development Cooperation. There are also Green MP:s who have laid motions in the Parliament on Ecocide law, as well as Rights of Nature.


Polly Åsa

Polly Higgins meets Åsa Romson during a conference on Rights of Nature and Ecocide law in Stockholm in 2014.


Polly Higgins i möte med riksdagsledamöter från V och Mp.

Polly Higgins meets with MP:s from the Green and the left party.


Polly Higgins möter Isabella Lövin på UD mars 2015.

Polly Higgins with Isabella Lövin at Ministry for Foreign Affairs in 2015.