Ecocide Alliance is created

”It is time for a legal revolution,
It is time to unite,
It is time to criminalise those who threaten the planet and our rights,

It is time to recognize the crime of #ecocide.”
~Rebecka Le Moine

End Ecocide Sweden warmly welcome ECOCIDE ALLIANCE – International Parliamentary Alliance for the recognition of ecocide!

Facing the destruction of ecosystems, climate change, and the mass extinction of biodiversity, it is time to criminalise those who threaten the planet and our rights: we, parliamentarians from all over the planet, unite in an international alliance for the recognition of the crime of Ecocide.

Each century has its challenge. And each continent, each country, each people, their own. But there is a challenge that unites us all, across borders, and which it is up to our century to overcome: the environmental challenge. Facing with the destruction of our planet, our duty, as parliamentarians from all continents, is to condemn, prevent and for that purpose recognize the crimes against our planet: it’s time to recognize ecocide.

”A system where widespread, systematic and severe destruction of ecosystems
can occur without serious legal consequences, is by default a system in crises.
That is where we find ourselves today, in the middle of a crisis of climate
breakdown and the extinction of species, jeopardizing life as we know it on
earth. The time to criminalize ecocide and correct this fundamental error is now.
The time to acknowledge that life belongs to everything living on this planet, is
now. An international law on ecocide in the Rome Statute is one of the most
powerful tools we have. We cannot afford to ignore this opportunity. This Alliance
is a testimony that we will do everything in our power and fight for it.”

Rebecka Le Moine, Member of the Swedish Parliament

Some of these ecocides occured in our countries. Others have been spared. But everywhere, we are confronted with the ecocide of all times: climate change, the loss of biodiversity, the crossing of 6 out of 10 planetary boundaries.

With this alliance, we unite throughout borders and join forces so that we can move forward in the recognition of these awful crimes all over the world, and  in the International Criminal Court.

Initiated by Marie Toussaint, a Green Member of the European Parliament, this alliance aims at constituting a network of elected representatives willing to work together towards the recognition of ecocide from regional to international level. We have hope: the Republics of Maldives and Vanuatu asked in December 2019 that ecocide would be recognized within the International Criminal Court. See hereunder for where we stand in our respective countries.

Members of Ecocide Alliance:
● Rebecka Le Moine, Member of the Swedish Parliament
● Rodrigo Agostinho, deputy at the Federal Assembly (Câmara
Federal) of Brazil
● Samuel Cogolati, Belgian Federal Deputy
● Eufemia Cullamat, Member of the Philippine House of
● Caroline Lucas, Member of the British Parliament
● Janet Rice, Australian Senator
● Inés Sabanés, Spanish Deputy
● Lindsey Schromen-Warwin, City Councilmember in Port Angeles,
Washington State, United States
● Marie Toussaint, Member of the European Parliament
● Larissa Waters, Australian Senator


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End Ecocide Sweden är en partner till Stop Ecocide International och det globala nätverket End Ecocide on Earth. Vi ansvarar för den internationella plattformen Faith for Ecocide Law för trossamfund.


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