Ecocide Law Alliance is an initiative to gather business leaders behind ecocide as an international crime. Ecocide law is a necessary step for a shift towards a circular, regenerative economy. We also believe that the support from companies is absolutely crucial in encouraging political decision-makers to adopt new and better rules for the transition to a sustainable society. Ecocide Law Alliance has started its work in Sweden, the Netherlands and the UK, but the ambition is to gather companies from different sectors around the world.

Ecocide Law Alliance launches with a webinar on 31 May at 8.00: Business Leaders for Ecocide Law with Eva Karlsson, CEO of Houdini Sportswear, and Jonas Roupé, board member of End Ecocide Sweden and former head of strategy and business intelligence at Ericsson. Read more and register

“Companies are a very strong force and the vast majority, perhaps all, want to conduct their business in a way that protects nature. To get this powerful law in place quickly, the voice of business is crucial, ”says My Schüldt from Ecocide Law Alliance.

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Monica Schüldt +46 (0) 70 718 30 03, Jon Bäcklund +46 (0) 70 600 04 48, Jonas Roupé +46 (0) 70 770 68 28

”The twenty-first-century task is clear: to create economies that promote human prosperity in a flourishing web of life”
Kate Raworth, Doughnut Economics

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