– – –  UPDATE 16-10-24 Polly won the prize !!  – – –

Polly Higgins, leading advocate for an international law against ecocide, is nominated for Polarbröds Utstickarpris, a sustainability award instituted by one of the most ambitious businesses on the sustainability arena in Sweden. The prize has been awarded since 2012, as a part of the company’s work for sustainable livelihood. The theme for this year’s prize is ”Leadership for the Future”. Polly Higgins emphasizes frequently swedish leadership in environmental issues, and she is pleased about the nomination:

– Sweden is a pioneering country in many ways. to be nominated for Sweden’s top business eco-prize for my pioneering work taking forward a law to protect the Earth demonstrates leadership from a country known for its leadership in these issues.

Polly Higgins is in good company, the other nominees are Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, and French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.

–  Leadership of today is not lacking insight into the challenges, it is often the ability to lead change that is missing, says Johan Kuylenstierna from Stockholm Environment Institute and member of the jury. This years  candidates all show this capacity in their various fields. Polly Higgins in her work as a lawyer, an area that may not always be characterized by cutting edge thinking; Laurent Fabius, through his political leadership, where he helped to find innovative solutions in a negotiation marked by deadlocks and impossibilities, and Elon Musk who never let the impossible win over innovation.

Polarbröd is a family-owned business that knows about the importance of sustainability, it traces its roots back to 1879. Anna Borgeryd, member of the jury and chief strategist of the Polarbröd Group, says about Pollys work:

– The current overdraft of planetary boundaries shows that nature needs strong legal protection. Polly Higgins work to criminalize serious damage to the biosphere is essential for future generations ability to live good lives. Therefore she shows responsibility and demonstrates good leadership for the future.

End Ecocide Sweden are of course keeping our fingers crossed that Polly wins! The prize is handed out at a ceremony in Stockholm November 10th.