8 feb: Youth leadership for ecocide law towards Stockholm+50

Webinar Feb 8, at 6 pm-8 pm CET (your timezone)

Welcome to an exciting webinar on ecocide law and Stockholm+50 Leadership Dialogue 3: Accelerating the implementation of the environmental dimension of Sustainable Development. What will ecocide as an international crime mean for (1) human rights and (2) SDG12 and the transition to a circular economy? Including a youth panel discussion on why an ecocide law is urgently needed for sustainable development/towards S+50.

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Kate MacIntosh, Director of the Promise Institute for Human Rights at UCLA.
Jonas Roupé, circular economy expert, co-founder of Ecocide Law Alliance

Youth panel:

Yoko Lu, Japan/Canada
Hanna Soldal, Sweden
Dalia Marquez, Venezuela
Santhiya Anant, India
Axel Eriksson, Sweden
Catalina Santelices Brunel, Chile


Tova Lindqvist, End Ecocide Sweden



In 1972, Olof Palme invited the world to Stockholm and the first international environmental conference, where he became one of the first to use the word ecocide. Half a century later we find ourselves in a global ecological crisis. Stockholm+50 desperately needs to become as significant in environmental history as the Stockholm conference, and thus ecocide as the next international crime needs to be at the center of discussion. We believe the voice of youth will put it there! Come and learn more about this hopeful possibility.

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”The air we breathe is not the property of any one nation – we share it. … In the field of human environment there is no individual future, neither for humans nor for nations. Our future is common. We must share it together. We must shape it together” Olof Palme at the Stockholm conference 1972



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End Ecocide Sweden är en partner till Stop Ecocide International och det globala nätverket End Ecocide on Earth. Vi ansvarar för den internationella plattformen Faith for Ecocide Law för trossamfund.


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