Webinar 17 March: What is Ecocide Law?

Jonas Roupé from end Ecocide Sweden will speak on Ecocide Law at UPF Lund – The Association of Foreign Affairs

Why is Ecocide Law needed, and what difference will it make? Is it really needed? Why is not voluntary labeling, trade agreements and regional legislation sufficient? When can we expect the law to come into force? What are the most common objections to the Law?

Why don’t we already have this law in place? What is the difference or relation between Ecocide Law, Earth Law and Rights of Nature? What can I do? These are some of the questions this lecture intends to address.

Jonas Roupé is one of the founders of EndEcocide Sweden, a NGO working to make Ecocide the fifth crime against peace in the Rome Statute, thereby establishing an “umbrella law” making large-scale destruction of the living world a crime.Jonas holds an MSc in business administration, a BSc in political science and degrees in engineering and psychology. He has held positions as head of Business Development, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Marketing Officer with Ericsson and Skanova and is a board member of The Swedish Tyre Recycling Association.

WHEN: Webinar 17 March 19.00 CET
WHERE: Livestream at the facebookevent

Read the article: ”Ekocid kan ändra hela systemet och näringslivet”

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End Ecocide Sweden är en partner till Stop Ecocide International och det globala nätverket End Ecocide on Earth. Vi ansvarar för den internationella plattformen Faith for Ecocide Law för trossamfund.


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